Todd Kilbourn

Originally from Bristol, TN

Q: You have a beautiful sunny day on the lake. How would you spend it, and which Carefree Boat Club boat would you choose to take out?

A perfect lake day would be on one of our new tri-toons on Watauga lake just cruising and enjoying the views with family and friends. South Holston is also lovely for the scenery and Boone lake is the most convenient if we are short on time. The variety of seating options and amenities our fleet offers makes it difficult to choose just one boat, but I do enjoy the set up on the Premier Entertainer!

Q: Favorite influential figure and why?

Steve Gleason has been an influential figure for me since his days of playing for the New Orleans Saints. Undersized but overachieving as a player, he has exceeded all of those since his early retirement diagnosis with ALS. Not only has he won the Congressional Gold Medal for his contributions to ALS awareness, he and and his family were featured in an award winning documentary about their struggles, and his foundation Team Gleason has provided over $20 million in adventure, technology, equipment, and care services for over 30,000 people. No White Flags!

Q: Why do you choose to call the Carefree Boat Club home?

I chose to join the CBC team because of the passion everyone here has for providing the highest level of customer service and going above and beyond to ensure all of our members are thrilled with their experience… the added bonus is spending my days on the docks or on the water training our new members to be the safest and best boaters they can be! I love seeing people fall in love with our fleets and waterways just like i did.