Sydney Luff

from Johnson City, Tennessee

Q: You have a beautiful sunny day on the lake. How would you spend it, and which Carefree Boat Club boat would you choose to take out?

For me, no doubt, a beautiful sunny day on the lake would be accompanied by a surfboat and my favorite people. Tubing, skiing, exploring, and spending time together on the lake brings friends and family together in such a unique way.

Q: Favorite influential figure and why?

My favorite influential figure would have to be Brené Brown. She is an American professor, author and speaker, and has spoken some of my absolute favorite words.

Q: Why do you choose to call the Carefree Boat Club home?

Not only is the Carefree Boat Club literally a part of my family and my growing up years, I have found it to be a place my ideas and creativity are not only welcomed, but fostered. As I have grown up, the Carefree Boat Club has adopted an entirely new opportunistic role in my life. There is always opportunity here, room to grow. It has shaped the way I view entrepreneurship, and in fact, business as a whole. There is extreme care that goes into small business ownership, and this is really reflected within the leadership at the Carefree Boat Club.


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