Jessica Luff

Originally from Horseheads, NY

Q: You have a beautiful sunny day on the lake. How would you spend it, and which Carefree Boat Club boat would you choose to take out?

The Cobalt R3 Surf! It just feels fancy  My husband and I would pack some snacks, grab the teenagers (who tend to grow in numbers when the lake is mentioned), and hit the water. While we gravitate toward the coves on South Holston, and enjoy tubing under the Butler Bridge on Watauga, Boone is so convenient for that short afternoon splurge.

Q: What would you do if you won the lottery?

If I won the lottery I would buy my grandparents’ 500 acre dairy farm in upstate NY. It is such a special place with the best of memories for my siblings and cousins, and even my own kiddos.

Q: Why do you choose to call the Carefree Boat Club home?

Because of the amazing team who makes it all possible. I’m inspired, encourage, and pushed every day and you just don’t find that everywhere. And, we have the best members. What a blessing!