Hailey Kinner

Originally from Newland, North Carolina

Q: You have a beautiful sunny day on the lake. How would you spend it, and which Carefree Boat Club boat would you choose to take out?

A perfect day on the lake would definitely be on the double-decker pontoon on Watauga Lake with my two kids and the babysitters aka the grandparents. After all, that’s the boat my kids dream of and a day on the water wouldn’t be the same without the grandparents. The double-decker offers endless hours of entertainment with the top deck and waterslide. I would absolutely take advantage of the added adult supervision and relax for the day…even a quick “cat-nap” might happen! A mom can dream right?

Q: Favorite influential figure and why?

Dolly Parton is my woman. She’s kind, compassionate, witty, and has the BEST wigs. She never forgets where she came from and she’s always willing to help others, especially those in East Tennessee. Her generous support of the Imagination Library has positively impacted both of my children, as well as children across the world. She really is Tennessee’s finest. #dollyforpresident

Q: Why do you choose to call the Carefree Boat Club home?

I chose Carefree Boat Club for several reasons, but mostly because the core values of the club align closely with my own personal core values. I believe in serving others to the best of my ability and that’s what our boat club strives to do day in and day out. Our team is made of real hard-working people who are passionate about hospitality, service and having fun. We take care of each other and our members. Did I mention it’s a boat club with beautiful brand-new boats, on pristine reservoirs, at the best marinas? I’m so lucky to be part of the Carefree Boat Club team.